To listen to my radio samples visit my soundcloud account here:

The samples that you’ll be able to listen to are all classroom assignments that I’ve completed.

Starting with the newest to the oldest published files:

The assignment for the Temple Football post was to create a story based off of a mock news conference my Radio News Reporting class had with Temple’s Head Football Coach Matt Rhule. I recorded the entire conference, drafted a few story ideas, and then picked the clips I needed to create my story.

The assignment for the sound portrait was to create a story using only interviews and natural sound to tell the story. I decided to do a profile on Philadelphia Praise Center’s after-school program for Middle School students. I interviewed program director Davis Rideout and collected the natural sound of the children playing games and just in general making noise.

For Assignment 3B the requirement was to conduct an interview with someone in a healthcare related field and create a story on health care. I decided to create a story on mental health and college students. I interviewed a student counselor in Temple’s Wellness Center to gain her perspectives on this issue.

The goal of Assignment 3A was to create a story that had to do something with High school sports. I interviewed a student athlete for her opinions on sports in High School. I also did research into what others had to say about sports in schools.





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