HMTV6 Video Samples:

Below you’ll find links to various news segments that I have directed and edited for the Herald Mail Media’s website.

May 24, 2016 10pm Sports Segment

May 24, 2016 6pm Sports Segment

Temple University Video Samples:

 TuTv: Crossroads

In the TuTv: Crossroads class students pitched story ideas to the professor and then if approved students would go out and film the approved stories. I pitched and produced the Millennials and News Consumption piece. I arranged the interviews, filmed everything, and with a little assistance I edited the piece. I also helped shoot the studio footage. I learned about the various steps of creating an editorial news broadcast from this experience and improved my skills in videography, interviewing, and editing using Final Cut Pro X.

Click the link above to view the broadcast.

This Temple promo video was created the Intro to Media Production class at Temple University with the help of my partner, Lucy Wells.  We were given 22 minutes of footage from the professor and was assigned to create a :35 second promotional video. She and I selected which shots to use and in what order, selected the background music, and then matched the shots to fit the music.


Also created for the Intro to Media Production class. The assignment was to create a 1:50-2:00 video incorporating a variety of shots and angles. All editing had to be done in camera, no post production was allowed. Stephaun Marshall, Erin Lynch , and I worked together for this assignment. I came up with the story, Stephaun and Erin helped create our storyboard. Erin and I filmed the piece.




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