Published Work Samples

I occasionally write for the Swinging Bridge, Messiah College’s campus paper. I primarily write for the arts and entertainment section since that is what I am most interested in writing. From October to December of 2013 I had a column that featured local attractions for students to visit off campus. I also have written an article for The Beat, Messiah’s new magazine.



http://swingingbridge.messiah.edu/2013/11/the-swinging-bridge-nov-14-2013/ -Local Attractions article located on page 9

http://swingingbridge.messiah.edu/2013/09/the-swinging-bridge-sept-26-2013/ – Feature Story on South Side Cafe located on pages 2 and 3.

 http://issuu.com/messiahpulse/docs/4th_edition_final/11?e=6318845/9940650  – Article written for the Arts and Entertainment section about the television show Gotham (FOX).

http://issuu.com/messiahpulse/docs/revised_sb_2nd_edition__final/4?e=6318845/9468719– Feature story on Rotaract Club.

http://issuu.com/messiahpulse/docs/the_beat_finalfinal2?e=0/10574900 – Night Owl article on page 23




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